If you were born in 1950, life expectancy experts had you all set to live a whole 66 years (males) or 71 years (female). For kids being born today, their life expectancy is 79 (boys) and 83 (girls). BUT … at the turn of the century life expectancy was 48 years for males and 51 for females. So …. the centenarians, and those close to them, have DOUBLED their life expectancy!

queen mother

This is exciting for some and exceptionally scary for others. When I’m speaking to groups I like to remind them that centenarians around the world are the fastest growing age sector in the western world. If you are one of the 6 million Aussie Baby Boomers you’re a good chance to get your letter from the Queen. In the 2006 census there were over 3000 centenarians in Australia (and over 72,000 in the US). There will be about 12,000 by 2020 (a 400% growth), and it will just continue to skyrocket from there.

Why this matters to you

Everybody is aging. 10 year old’s are aging just like 50 year olds are aging. Our chiropractic assistant Emma observed a mother feeding her 2 year old Coke in the supermarket on the weekend. How well do you think that kid’s aging? Probably about as well as the 50 year old who’s having 3 coffees a day with biscuits, hardly exercising and bored with life. This thing called “health” and “lifestyle” is phenomenally important to us all because the sooner we can master it, the sooner we can begin to enjoy the process of aging rather than dread it.

If you ask people in their 80’s who are loving life (I say 80’s because these people have surpassed today’s life expectancy) about the aging process, they will tell you they don’t even think about it. They will tell you they don’t know what the fuss is about. They will tell you they are just getting on with their life like they always have. They know that their age is just a number written on paper.

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