I sincerely hope you had a cracking weekend and that you have an exciting week lined up.

My fear is that you don’t.

Sorry (not sorry) to be so morbid on a Monday, but let’s get real for a moment.

The day most dreaded around the world is today. Monday.

Today is the one day of the week that more people have a heart attack than any other.

The scourge of mediocrity has penetrated society SO badly that we now have an emotion for this seemingly Mediocre Monday – Mondayitis.

I’m here to pull up stumps and ask you – is this what YOUR life is about. Really? Seriously? Is this what your parents said when you were born –

“Oh this little soul is going to HATE Mondays! Oh the poor thing has a lifetime of work ahead of them in a job they don’t like … go back inside Mummy little soul, seriously!

This life is too hard, it sucks, it’s scary, people are mean, quick …. Go back in! You’ll have fears your entire life, you’ll wonder if you are loved or not, you’ll question the meaning of your life and you’ll think “WHY BOTHER” for most it.

You’ll turn out like the rest of us and accept mediocrity. And mediocrity SUCKS. Don’t do it child … go back inside Mummy … this life’s too hard!

You think I’m joking?

I couldn’t be more serious.

You and I BOTH know that when you entered this world the above paragraph was the FURTHEST thing from anyone’s mind. Instead it was more of –

“You CAN be ANYTHING you want to be sweet child. You want to rule the world? You go for it. You want to play the piano? Go for it. You want to be a florist? It’s yours. There’s no limits to what you can do little You can have whatever you want to be, do or have, as long as you dedicate yourself and follow your bliss.”

So, whilst you may not remember those words being said to you when you entered the world, know that they were uttered. And know that they still are – and now it’s time to listen. It’s time to listen to YOUR HEART which never stops telling you that you CAN live your exceptional life.

You CAN rid yourself of mediocrity.

You CAN master your mind, your body, your relationships, your wealth and your soul.

You’ve got this. You’re an exceptional human being, and deep down, I don’t care how deep down … I KNOW that you believe that. I KNOW that you believe that you have an exceptional life to live. And I KNOW that a part of you wants a mentor and peer group like myself and the group of Exceptionals to help you rise from Mediocre to Magnificent.

Please take this note from me and DO something with it. If you decide to join the Exceptional Life Blueprint before Wednesday night, that’s awesome. I would be honoured to go on the ride with you. If you don’t, that’s OK too.

All I ask is that you quit Mondayitis, quit being mediocre and quit having mediocre standards with mediocre excuses for your mediocrity. Your mediocrity is NOT the reason you were born. You were born for something FAR greater than that.

Now go out and make this Monday MIRACULOUS & MAGNIFICENT, and give anyone who even mutters the word Mondayitis a gentle slap in the face from me ☺.

Stay great,

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