I’ll never forget when I met two of the 600 people at last year’s Wellness Summit in Melbourne. This husband and wife team had flown over from New Zealand! It was the first time I’d ever met someone who had flown to another COUNTRY to attend an event I’m involved with. In hindsight, I now think of other epic adventures attendees have gone on – like the lady who drove from Newcastle to Gold Coast (8 hours) to attend our first Summit in 2013!


This year, after 3 sold out Summits, we have again expanded the lineup and the event based on attendees feedback / demands(!) We started off as a one-day event, then expanded to 1.5 days and now this year we are almost 2 full days (9-6 Saturday and 9-4 Sunday) covering nutrition, movement, mindset and a whole lot more.

For me, the Summit really is an annual audit on most elements of life.

The growth of the Summit has purely come about because people like YOU want more. People are craving more clarity, more confidence and more empowerment when it comes to their health and wellness. Our podcasts are downloaded nearly 2 million times per year by people all around the world, but people (naturally) crave more than a podcast. A LIVE event is far more transformational than a podcast.

This year’s Summit features 11 speakers and representation from most of the 17 podcasts we have on The Wellness Couch. We’ll be covering more bases than ever before, having more fun than ever before, leaving more inspired than ever before!

Tickets to this year’s Summit are normally $347, however being the CEO of the Couch and a speaker at this year’s Summit affords me some luxuries – such as having a limited number of tickets to give away at $247!

So if your personal health and wellness is a big part of your life (or you want it to be) and you want to be a part of the biggest health event of the year, then click here or go to www.thewellnesssummit.com to get your tickets and be sure you enter the code ELBSUMMIT15 to receive your $100 discount.

Have a sensational week and hopefully I get to meet you at the Summit!


PS – If you’re not sure if this event is for you, watch the video I made on the 4 types of people the Summit is for.

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